We hold Therapeutic workshops once a month for the community of Playa Samara and visiting guests. These workshops feature education on therapy for mental health and biofeedback demonstrations for stress, relaxation and optimal health. You will learn about your nervous system, how to take control of your emotions, make positive changes and ease anxiety and depression. In addition, when Bare Feet has VIP guests in for our retreats we incorporate their magic with ours to give Playa Samara a one stop wellness shop! In March we are welcoming Bee Keepers and Apitherapy Experts Mario and Nadia to teach us all about the healing properties of bees including inhaling the warm bee hive air for allergies, asthma, depression and even anxiety. These workshops are donation based for those with resources to give. The suggested donation is $10 to cover the cost of brunch and to help those unable to donate. We want everyone to feel welcome to attend for free if they are in need. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to be an ambassador for love and peace.

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February 3, 2019 – First Coherence HotSpot Meeting – Biofeedback Introduction

March 2, 2019 –  2nd Coherence Hotspot Meeting – Top Down VS. Bottom Up Processing. Let your heart guide. ♥ World Peace Meditation

March 31, 2019 – 3rd Coherence HotSpot Bare Feet Biofeedback Bee Brunch – Honey Bee Gratitude Meditation

May 12, MOMM – Moments of Mass Meditation.

Bare Feet focuses on our own hearts first to manage our vibrations naturally with the intention of raising the collective to peace and bliss with us. Every soul that works with us receives HeartMath Biofeedback training to teach them stress relief and how to achieve a state of coherence. This remarkable state of heart is the peak we seek for homeostatis which equates to optimum health, maximum brain performance and energy. During retreats, we serve foods and beverages with known emotional stabilizing properties from calming medicinal teas to probiotic depression lifting Kombuchas and energy enhancing SuperFoods,  Artisan made with organic ingredients. We put Playa Samara on the map of good vibrations with our first Coherehnce HotSpot meeting. We recently announced another new alternative, all natural therapy for lifting depression and easing anxiety. We call it Bee Vaping. Read more about it in our blog.

We believe in the healing ability of Mother Nature and we believe in your own ability to heal and be healed. Through biofeedback, meditation and Mother Nature’s Medicines, come learn to manage and take responsibility for your own energy. Raising Vibrations Naturally. Highly Meditated. With all the Love our hearts can gush, Come Remember Who You Are With Us. ~ Juls ♥


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