Moments of Mass Mindfulness(MOMM) is a meditation movement for everyone. We are raising awareness of, and co-creating in community, a model that fully embraces the true definition of health as both an Art (Spirituality) and a Science. At the heart of it all, we’re focused on building community, connection, collaboration and to enhance personal wellbeing. Thank you for being a part of our loving community. ~ Bare Feet


May 12 – Bare Feet Retreats – 8 am (We will start at 7:30 am hooking up participants to our HRV biofeedback equipment.)

MOMM is a global movement to raise the vibration through mass meditation and mindfulness.

The moment is here! This mass meditation will be measured scientifically from right here in Playa Samara, Costa Rica. The scientists at the HeartMath Institute are the geniuses behind so much of our knowledge on everything from the resonance of trees, the earth’s magnetic energy to our ability to alter our own biology. Our data has been helping the scientists measure our vibration to compare with the earth’s Schumann Resonance. On May 12, Bare Feet Playa Samara is joining HeartMath Practitioners all over the world in the first ever study of this kind! Right here on our beach we will have many of our participants hooked up to HRV biofeedback equipment during the meditation sending data to the scientist at HeartMath. We are getting more equipment and we will have the new smaller handhelds in house for participants that join us here at Bare Feet to hook up and help us capture data. We have also had the honor of becoming a HeartMath provider so if you want your own HM device send us a message and we will order you any of the Heartmath products for your own personal development and to be used on this legendary day. We are so stoked to be a part of history! See the participants listed by country with little bitty Costa Rica, Playa Samara on the list! -

Mark your calendar to join us. Love too much and come remember who you are with us. ~ Juls ❤ Bare Feet

Join the staff at Bare Feet to be a part of this magnificent movement. You may physically join us or energetically on your own. The tickets are free but we would like everyone interested to have a ticket even if you plan to do it in your own space so we can get a head count on how many participants. Thank you kindly, Bare Feet

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