Nature Re-connection

She misses you. Can you still hear her? I can, and I want to share her stories with you. Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, Gaia, Universe, living, breathing, pulsing life, full of love and worth…. Ditch your chemicals and kick off your shoes to discover a connection that can fill all your voids. Come rediscover the one you breathe while learning about the earth’s vibration, communicating with nature, shamanic ceremony and ancestral healing.

Attune yourself to nature’s wavelength of peace and joy. We offer a variety of programs to let you experience nature. Sunrise and Sunset Meditations – beach, mountaintops and secret sacred spots, Biofeedback and Talking to Trees are the least of our abilities.

Resonate with Nature. Come fall in love with the one you breathe. She’s not killing you, your lack of connection to her is. ~ Juls ♥

Through Biofeedback, Meditation and Nature come learn to take responsibility for, and manage your energy naturally.

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Our very spiritual powers lie in our connection with Nature. ~ Juls ♥

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