Come sit on my front porch with me by the sea. Bare feet, we will chill and discuss life’s challenges while practicing relaxation techniques. All counseling sessions include biofeedback and all biofeedback sessions include counseling. Julie has found it is faster and easier to unravel the layers of our lives and heal in a relaxed state. She draws upon an eclectic approach, incorporating many modalities; CBT, Positive Psychology, etc., customizing each session to your specific needs.  One session may include biofeedback assessments and training while another may begin with biofeedback and CBT but end with us seduced by the sea, taking a walk, and chatting.

Bare Feet Biofeedback/Counseling

Session Fee: $100 – Includes assessment, biofeedback training, relaxation/meditation and counseling for fast improvement. Schedule an Appointment

Package Deals. – HeartMath is effective, only 4 to 6 sessions are recommended. Buy 5 sessions get the 6th one free. This final session includes a follow up assessment and review of progress from start to finish so you can see the improvement proof. BUY PACKAGE

Ask about our sliding scale. Bartering is an option. Ask me, some things are worth more than their weight in gold. ♥

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Julie Bray ~ Shaman, MA Clin. Psych., Heartmath Practitioner, Author AKA Juls Amor♥, Author – The Year of the Frog, PachaMama Prattle and …


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