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Biofeedback is just that, biology feedback, i.e. feedback on your biology. There are many ways to measure feedback including skin temperature, pulse, breathing patterns, brain waves known as “neurofeedback” and heart rate variability. Our emotions and overall health are correlated with all of these measures. Julie has used and studied the most advanced of these technologies finding Heartmath® offered patients the fastest, effective therapy for improved mood, behavior, health and pain management.

Most of us have experienced driving our car and knowing it is not running well. This can be due to many factors, one of which could be that the timing is off. This means the spark plugs are not firing in a synchronized manner. The car still runs, just not very well.

This is true for our bodies. When out of sync, they work, just not as well as they could. This means that our autonomic nervous system, hormonal system and immune system are not working in a synchronized manner.

We fix our car by adjusting the timing so that the spark plugs fire with the proper order and synchronization. We can re-synchronize our body systems by creating a state of Coherence and thus improving our mental focus, emotional stability and physical resilience. This allows us to operate in a more efficient manner in all areas of life. The diagram below illustrates some physiological patterns before and after inducing a state of Coherence.

The Quick Coherence technique is a simple and effective way to bring your body systems into synchronous operation allowing you to move through life in a state of ease.

FrustrationAppreciationThe HeartMath® Institute Research Center has explored the physiological mechanisms by which the heart and brain communicate and how the activity of the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and health. In the early 1990s, they were among the first to conduct research that not only looked at how stressful emotions affect the activity in the autonomic nervous system and the hormonal and immune systems, but also at the effects of emotions such as appreciation, compassion and care. Over the years, they have conducted many studies that have utilized many different physiological measures such as EEG (brain waves), SCL (skin conductance), ECG (heart), BP (blood pressure) and hormone levels, etc. Consistently, it was heart rate variability, or heart rhythms that stood out as the most dynamic and reflective indicator of one’s emotional states and autonomic nervous system dynamics. It became clear that stressful or depleting emotions such as frustration and overwhelm lead to increased disorder in the higher-level brain centers which is reflected in heart rhythms and adversely affects the functioning of virtually all bodily systems. This eventually led to a much deeper understanding of the neural and other communication pathways between the heart and brain. Numerous studies have since shown that heart coherence is an optimal state-specific physiological pattern associated with increased cognitive function, self-regulatory capacity, emotional stability and resilience, and that people can learn to shift into the coherent state in the heat of the moment.

Bare Feet Biofeedback/Counseling

Session Fee: $100 – Includes assessment, biofeedback training, relaxation/meditation and counseling for fast improvement. Book Appointment. 

Package Deals. – HeartMath is so effective, only 4 to 6 sessions are recommended. Buy 5 sessions get the 6th one free. This final session includes a follow up assessment and review of progress from start to finish so you can see the proof. Buy Package

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