Bee Therapy

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Bare Feet is proud to be the first in Costa Rica and most of the world to offer this amazing treatment. The warm beehive air produces over 50 pheromones, volatile chemicals that vaporize to chemically act as cortisone reducing inflammation immediately in the lungs and brain.  Inflammation we now know is not simply a symptom, but the cause of most problems associated with mental health, respiratory illness and almost all chronic diseases. A 20-minute treatment is all it takes to feel the difference (more treatments recommended for asthma). And while most participants fall asleep due to the gentle ease that washes over, you will feel energized and slightly buzzed (pun intended)  in the most peaceful way after.

Introducing the Magic Bee Time Machine

Bee Vaping only better as this therapy combines the medicinal air with the healing vibration & frequencies of the bees. Read our blog – Magic Bee Time Machine


Book a stay on our property to create your own all natural retreat and have access to our Bee Bed at night! Experience the first real B & Bee in Costa Rica utilizing this innovative therapy to sleep on Bees. Check out our housing on Air BnB. 

Read our blog to learn more. On Beecoming an Apiary Message us to book or go to our Facebook Bare Feet Page and click “Book Now”.Bare Feet on FACEBOOK .

We love Madre Tierra so, so much. We believe in her medicines and honor her by choosing her first, second and third. With all the love our hearts can gush, come remember who you are with us. ~ Juls Meet Julie

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