Aya Wowza!

Aya – short for Ayahuasca, one of Mother Nature’s healing brews.

Wowza! – A suprisingly amazing, oh my gosh, out of the ordinary expression.

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Wowza! I have participated in various types of indigenous/plant medicine ceremonies in Peru, India, Thailand and now Costa Rica combining the sacred traditions of Brazil and Mexico. This was by far, the best experience. Blending many healing modalities in one day was super therapeutic and mind blowing!

We began at 3pm with a Temazcal, traditional indigenous sweat lodge ceremony. Bruno from Brazil worked hard several days prior preparing the structure. Carolina smudged our stress away before entering the sacred space with a gift that my intuitive friend Gabby gave knowing exactly what we would need that day. Thank you Gabby for the gift of feathers. ❤

I have done Temazcal before, this time was different. Bruno and Carolina took turns leading the 4 rounds honoring fire, water, air and earth. I loved the song we sang to give thanks to grandmother earth as each hot stone entered the hut reminding us to focus on gratitude instead of the heat.

The first round was shocking, and it took all our strength to stay inside knowing we still had three rounds coming. The second round as more hot stones kept coming, I doubted my ability to remain, but the connection inside the tent was immaculate and we began supporting each other through the journey.

By the third round we all had discovered a forgotten strength, as we bravely welcomed the 4th round of heat from the medicinal herbal water hitting the hot rocks, creating intense steam.

The chant Carolina taught us to open the door between rounds, we grew to love knowing relief was coming. By the fourth round, we were yelling the chant with gratitude for the strength of our bodies each of us had found. The heat had melted our disconnect so, that the space we created for our bodies to keep small dissolved as we lie on each other for comfort in a puddle of love.

One by one we crawled out with gratitude for the Costa Rican air, I once labelled hot. That air now cooled me enough to embrace for the freeze that too felt welcoming when Bruno doused each of us with cold water completing the ceremony.

My fingers had wrinkled from the pool of sweat my body swam. My hands trembling and my legs weak, I was smiling from inside out for the feeling of purity.

Some of us ran for the ocean. Some of us headed for a cool outdoor shower. Some of us guzzled cold pipa fria like a sundrenched child. All of us were grateful for the medicine and proud of our ancestor’s strength for having the ability to do these types of ceremonies monthly!

We had time to relax, meditate, enjoy some time in the Magic Bee Time Machine before changing into our white garb for the Ayahuasca ceremony. I do wish I had a photo of us all in white, including baby Ananda and the Shamans, there were 14 glowing angels by my side.

Bruno opened with blessings for the medicine and served the men a round of Rapé while Carolina gently gave the women a more feminine version of the medicine. The effects are instant, and clarity ensued, as I was now more than confident, we were in the hands of some of the world’s best Shamans. I bravely drank not one, as I had in the past, but 3 rounds of Aya welcoming all the gifts this pure Santo Daime medicine has.

Bruno, Carolina and James Boag, a Kirtan singer, serenaded us throughout the night as we lay on our mats around the firelight. I was in and out of sleep with pleasurable dreams, golden light and a gentle knowing. I never got sick, although this time I was prepared, telling myself to welcome the purge should it come, with my most powerful unconditional self love.

The night flew by and ended beautifully, laughing and lying beneath the stars in a cuddle puddle with some of my best peeps. Ask any of the tribe, if we would do it again, and I can imagine we would all say, “in a heartbeat” because Bruno and Carolina were above and beyond respectful of the medicine and gentle with our bodies.

I am so proud of us all for braving the medicine to see for ourselves what Nature has in her toolbox for healing. Can you imagine how fast this world would change if everyone got on board with freeing the medicines our very planet makes? Can you imagine the respect she will gain for her cures? The respect once given to physicians and pharmacies would be hers!

I love Mother Earth even more now. From all her plant medicines to her tiniest of bees. She is the most beautiful healer I could ever dream. ❤❤❤

With all the love my heart can gush, I invite you to come remember who you are with us. – Juls ❤

If you are interested in our therapies, message us on our Bare Feet FB site or feel free to utilize the FB booking also located on our FB Bare Feet. Thank you kindly – Juls ♥ Highly Meditated. Under Her Influence. With Love, Bare Feet.  Come Remember who you are with me. ♥ ♥ ♥ 


♥ ♥ ♥ “Other than the trees, we have some pretty awesome teachers here at Bare Feet.”♥ ♥ ♥ 

Julie Bray
Julie Bray, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Shaman, HeartMath Practitioner.

Julie received her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from The University of Texas Permian Basin. She worked as a Psychology lecturer and had a private practice, licensed as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). She expanded her practice to obtain Board Certification in Neurofeedback using some of the most advanced techniques including; HeartMath Biofeedback, Brain Mapping and Brainwave Training. Miss Bray earned her counseling continuing education credits and was trained by the world-renowned physician and author, Dr. Deepak Chopra in Meditation. She advanced her training at conferences with some of the world’s top Psychologists/Physicians including—Dr. Beck, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and bestselling Author and American Buddhist Jack Kornfield.

After moving to Costa Rica, she set out to seek non-traditional ancient knowledge from healers in India, Thailand and Peru. In Peru, Julie received the ancient Munay-Ki rites of the Shaman. Julie combines her worldly knowledge in an eclectic approach to give her clients the best of science and ancient wisdom.


Julie is the author of her award-winning memoir, The Year of The Frog, an adult fairy tale come true about her own journey seeking healing and love. Her newest book to be published soon, PachaMama Prattle is her most creative endeavor combining her love of nature, meditation, poetry and art. Find her author works on Amazon under her pen name “Juls Amor”, a name she chose to honor her soul and her Mother’s maiden name “Love”.


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