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Flatter me, and take a look at the Bare Feet logo. It represents many things, more than what you first see,  a circle and a pair of bare feet.  I have come full circle, following the spiraling energetic patterns of life and stumbled upon expansion where all of my gifts can come alive. Science. Spirituality. Biofeedback. Shamanic Ceremony. PachaMama. Creativity. Energy. Inner Vibration. Outer Reality.

If none of this makes sense, it is simply because you forgot. So let me plant a seed, or more true still, allow me to water the seed you’ve got. There is a remembering going on as the earth’s vibration rises. Everyone of us has a powerful forgotten ability. It is capable of things we once thought impossible when we were convinced the brain was the boss. The power is housed in our most precious part, the very first cell that began us,  our ever beating, loving heart.

I stepped back into my field of study, and did a demonstration of this remarkable biofeedback equipment called HeartMath that allows a look inside the biology of the heart. HeartMath gathers very important scientific measures linked to health, performance and emotional stability. It is equipment I used for many years before I left my counseling practice and took a 6 year hiatus to learn to listen to my own heart.

So many things in my life had taught me to disregard, ignore and even shun the first part of me, as if my beginnings were not that smart. Let me tell you what is stupid, giving more power to the still developing brain, creating some 70,000 proven to be wrong thoughts a day.  And yet we do, betraying our first organ and how she feels because ignoring our discomfort was what we thought would turn the wheel.

Although, I worked with HeartMath years ago, it was a supplement in my practice to the more expensive brain equipment that like my brain, was given more credit. I did not quite understand the way I do now.  So much of it has to do with the rise of feminine energy, things considered feminine; feelings, intuition and Mother Earth connection are gaining credibility. It goes right along with the prophecy I was told began in 2012. A medicine man in Peru explained the shift to me and that we were moving away from a mind guided matrix to a heart guided society.

The begging of my heart to listen came in a realization I wrote in my Memoir, The Year of the Frog,  when I discovered I had the knowing all along. “Listen to the gentle whisper inside, Love her enough to let her guide.” and in the last line of the book I urged, “There is a little girl inside of you so proud of the woman you have become. Listen to her, because in the end, she’s the one. “

So for 6 years, I have let her lead. It has not been easy. She needed a shit ton of rest. I battled the guilty thoughts daily, wanting me to be productive. Visitors from the matrix just could not understand, but there was an ability growing in me, and I am here to tell you, there is a way to live in ease by learning to first shift energy.

I traveled to the ends of the earth to find the best teachers, the most sacred sites. I drank the medicines. I puked my guts. I tried to write about it all while under the influence of Rapé, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca and San Pedro at different times from sacred sites, so that I could share with you the secret. My ancestors have come through to me urging me to drop the lower vibrations of guilt, fear and shame. And as some of you now know, I have always talked to trees. A gift honored in the Shamanic world and something science has now proven possible, because, duh, they have telepathic capability.

No matter the teacher the message was the same, “let the love inside your own heart be the guide and lead the way”.

I was mad at science for many years for putting the brain first. I left science behind, so that I could gain new perspective, an expansion and a vision.  Many things have changed in the years I’ve been off grid. We truly understand now that the heart is the one in charge, sending much more information to the brain than the brain is to our heart. We understand the neurons and complex nervous system that our housed inside the heart are emitting enough energy to alter the energy around me.

I demonstrated this to the group by having them all enter a calm coherent state through heart focused breathing while a client was hooked up to biofeedback. It was powerful to see the biology of one change due to the conscious shift of the group. We really are connected but you must find the connection in your own heart first.

The science of HeartMath, the health benefits, and the mental benefits from a scientific realm I knew way back then, but the deeper connection and power we have to change our very own biology, I did not comprehend would be the key to raising my energy and ultimately changing the vibration of my reality.

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Coherence is a state of calm and homeostasis within the body.  It is a state of optimal performance linked to positive feelings and higher states of consciousness. The scientists at HeartMath are monitoring the earths vibration with ours. We are resonating with her, but more importantly she is resonating with us. They have developed a system for gathering data so that accumulated scores from HeartMath Practitioners all over the world can be compared to the fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. Bare Feet, Playa Samara is a part of this Global Coherence Initiative sharing our energetic data with the Global Coherence Monitoring system.

Global Coherence Monitoring System

In addition, Bare Feet has joined the Coherence HotSpot Network, an idea I find so clever, coined by Dirk Terpstra, a HeartMath Trainer and new consciousness leader. This is something similar to WiFi but instead of internet, the signal is Heart Coherence proven to help raise the state of another. My joy begets yours.coherence-hotspot-logo2_transparent

See, this is the secret our ancestors already knew. There are sacred sites all over the world built for this very purpose; temples and pyramids used for ceremony, celebration and meditation to reach higher vibrations and then broadcast signals to raise the consciousness of earth.

It is amazing to step back into my field with so many enlightened people. Many times before I would shut my mouth when I could tell my talk of inner energy would cause others to look at me like I was speaking Chinese. For those of you with me, thank you for making it through the shift. For those still not sure what this means, you are lucky because now more than ever in our history, there are people all over this world who understand and have stepped up to assist.

If you live in Playa Samara, and have not already felt it, soon you will. I urge you to welcome it. I often say we are “increasing our tolerance to bliss” because sadly many of us have gotten so used to the energy of anxiety, we have forgotten what peace is. If positive feelings feel foreign, please consider coming to one of our free meetings we hold once a month. The next one will be March 2 at 10 am.

Bare Feet has made a commitment to honor and monitor the energy of our own heart to help raise up others. Everyone that works with us is committed to the health and whispers of their own heart first. All of our staff receives biofeedback training to increase coherence, health and positive feelings increasing the signal of our Coherence HotSpot here in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.

My bare feet have been a huge part of the transition, allowing me a stronger signal from our earth. I hear her in a state of high coherence and often it feels as if it comes in through my feet. And like my heart is smarter than my brain, Pacha Mama is more intelligent than me.  She has a consciousness and tremendous healing ability. We are supposed to be on her. We are supposed to touch her. You are part of her.  I murmur under my breath when people put on their sunglasses or pull out their toxins to protect themselves from her,  um “She’s not killing you, your lack of connection to her is.”

So I leave you with a story I read to the very first Coherence HotSpot meeting we held on Sunday, February 3.  It is a story from my book “Pacha Mama Prattle” I will soon be publishing. It is a book of transcribed poems and stories for Mother Earth. I spent a year dedicating my meditation time to interpreting the vibrational communication of our earth.

Avellanas BeachLeaning Tree

I sat under a  fallen tree on the beach to tell you a story. It’s a story all though it came through the pen in my hand, I gave permission to the tree to tell me her dream, and here is what she said:

Baby, Why dream? I am not dead, just growing near the ground. I do not need to change a thing. I’ve simply fallen down. Look at me. Look where I live — the beach, the waves, the sea, the sand. Oh sure, I’m lower than other trees, but look up and you shall see. The shade you chose to sit, is the shade of my green leaves.

The unsteady ground beneath me has caused me to bend. The waves crashing in at high tide have shifted my firm stance. But, I never fought against it, never compared myself to other trees. I mean look at me. I am fabulous! I’m the one you chose to sit beneath.

Dreams, I don’t know of what you speak. I do not understand. What possibly could life bring that I don’t already have? I have the Earth down deep as far as my roots need. My leaves tremble with each breath I take. Breathing feels so good to me. I have the sun. I have the rain. I have this ocean view. And on most days beneath my shade, I have a visitor like you.

You are the first in all my years to ask of me a question. You are the only one to ever write my wisdom. So, if there was a dream for me, it would be one for you. I’d dream for you to see that your life is perfect too. Tremble for the breath you take. It feels so good to breathe. I mean, look at you. You are fabulous. You are the one you chose to be!
Relax your stance. Lay down and rest. Lean in so you don’t break. oh, baby,  I’d not waste another breath, dreaming this away. ~ Leaning Tree ♥, Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica.


Perhaps from a new perspective in the white of the Bare Feet logo you will see; the tree, the woman, the heart over her most sacred part, the roots, the leaves and the electric energy. There is meaning in the feet, there is meaning beyond the feet, and there is meaning in the spaces in between. I have come full circle, following the spiraling energetic patterns of life and stumbled upon expansion where all of my gifts can come alive. Science. Spirituality. Biofeedback. Shamanic Ceremony. PachaMama. Creativity. Energy. Inner Vibration. Outer Reality.

It is easier to heal than we previously thought. I am not here to save you, that would take away your power. But I can point you in the right direction and teach you tools to ease the transition. In the end it is up to you, to utilize the tools and find strength to be the hero of the dreams housed inside your heart. It is a quiet gentle whisper urging with all her might waiting on the day you will love her enough to let her guide. Yes, there is a little girl inside of you so proud of the woman you have become. Listen to her, because in the end, She’s the one.  ~ Juls ♥ Highly Meditated. Under Her Influence. With Love., Bare Feet.  Come Remember who you are with me.


“Other than the trees, we have some pretty awesome teachers here at Bare Feet.”

Julie Bray
Julie Bray, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Shaman, HeartMath Practitioner.

Julie received her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from The University of Texas Permian Basin. She worked as a Psychology lecturer and had a private practice, licensed as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). She expanded her practice to obtain Board Certification in Neurofeedback using some of the most advanced techniques including; HeartMath Biofeedback, Brain Mapping and Brainwave Training. Miss Bray earned her counseling continuing education credits and was trained by the world-renowned physician and author, Dr. Deepak Chopra in Meditation. She advanced her training at conferences with some of the world’s top Psychologists/Physicians including—Dr. Beck, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Dan Siegel, and bestselling Author and American Buddhist Jack Kornfield.

After moving to Costa Rica, she set out to seek non-traditional ancient knowledge from healers in India, Thailand and Peru. In Peru, Julie received the ancient Munay-Ki rites of the Shaman. Julie combines her worldly knowledge in an eclectic approach to give her clients the best of science and ancient wisdom.


Julie is the author of her award-winning memoir, The Year of The Frog, an adult fairy tale come true about her own journey seeking healing and love. Her newest book to be published soon, PachaMama Prattle is her most creative endeavor combining her love of nature, meditation, poetry and art. Find her author works on Amazon under her pen name “Juls Amor”, a name she chose to honor her soul and her Mother’s maiden name “Love”.

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